CARS is our NHS specific Capital Accounting Software. The product reflects all the accounting requirements laid down by the various NHS Capital Accounting Manuals and Manuals for Accounts, including full support of IFRS. We provide complete support for NHS Trusts including:

  • Foundation Trusts
  • NHS Trusts
  • Scottish Trusts
  • Welsh Trusts

Our software complies with all differences between the respective regulations and is updated annually to reflect any changes.

The software is supported by a dedicated team of software developers and accountants.

We guarantee to provide both telephone and email help desk support. Just ask our existing users what they think of our support—we will be happy to provide any references that you require.

And we also guarantee to support any future changes in capital accounting regulations.

The product now has a modern multi-document interface, which means that you can have many views of your data available at the same time.
All these views are live, so if you run any calculations all views are immediately updated.

Also note: all transaction information can be visible at all times.

We have provided the complete suite of standard reports that you are used to.

But note that these reports are now live! If you make changes in any window, or run any calculations, the changes will be immediately reflected in your reports.

We have provided a table view of the data. You can use this feature to define your own sets of information views. Not only can you select which fields you want to display, but also group them, sort them and even total the numeric values.

Using our enhanced filtering capabilities you can select which assets will be displayed. You can save these views so that you can create a whole library of views for future use. All views can be printed and exported to text files and Excel.

With this level of analysis at your finger tips, responding to ad-hoc enquiries has never been easier.

We have now provided a completely new Ad-Hoc Report Writer Wizard. This takes you step by step through the process of producing Ad-Hoc reports.

Not only can you select fields from the data but we have given you the capability of producing your own calculated formula fields. By using these fields you can derive any information that you require from the stored data.