Approached by a specialised Mental Health Trust who were aware of our reputation and experience in this avenue of health-care. We conducted a feasibility study into potential new treatments and services. The role included demographic analysis of potential client base, a detailed programme of investigation and analysis of the treatments already available in the area, assessment of the existing market and the forecasting of potential demand for such services based on the demographic data available. The study concluded with production of a detailed report for use by the Trust Board in its future planning.


Working alongside private sector performance improvement consultants. Involved in project to advance performance of hospital as a whole. Built top-down business case for whole hospital performance improvement. Produced short and long term financial models to assess impact of change. Provided information and statistical support to each separate work stream during Discovery phase.


Conducted due diligence on the proposed construction of a new LIFT funded Community Hospital. Required to review assumptions contained in original business cases including modelling of activity, costs, and income. Conducted a detailed assessment of the risks inherent in the project. Produced recommendations on the viability of the unit as a whole and of each individual service.