Nuesoft, the home of  CARS.

CARS - our bespoke NHS Capital Accounting software - is used thoughout the NHS, by Trusts and Foundation Trusts in England, Scotland and Wales. The software provides support for each country complying with their own Annual Reporting Manuals and Capital Accounts Manuals. Full training is provided at the time of purchase, as well as regular User Days to train our users in the finer points of the software (and Capital!). For those who prefer more individual attention, we provide additional on-site training. Our consultancy arm will even prepare your accounts for you if you wish!

Based in the East Midlands, but operating Nationwide, Nuesoft provide the highest standards of customer service and commitment and our client base continues to grow as people learn of our reputation.

If you are a CARS User please Login to enter the secure area of the site.  We also offer individual and group training for NHS Accountants.