CARS has been written to specific NHS requirements and is only used within the NHS in the UK. It understands the differing requirements of NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and Welsh and Scottish organisations. Examples of this functionality include:

  • Complete support for assets being measured at valuation with detailed reporting available on the Revaluation Reserve
  • Full compliance with Treasury defintions of DEL and AME impairments, including their appropriate accounting
  • Exact understanding of IFRS16 exemptions relating to short-term leases, low-value assets and peppercorn rents
  • Full accounting for all Subsequent Expenditure
  • The inclusion of donated and grant funded assets - even allowing for partially donated assets
  • The ability to account for Intangible assets including internally generated intangible assets
  • Fully account for Assets under Contruction both at the start of their life and during their life
  • Correct treatment of Assets Held for Sale and Non-Operational assets