We hold regular CARS User Days and other training sessions, at various locations throughout the country, enabling us to meet our users and build good relationships with them.  A key part of these sessions is for us to gain feedback from our users and to implement changes to meet their needs or requests wherever possible.  These informal sessions are a great way to improve your knowledge of the system, to keep up to date with reporting requirements and to meet other users.

Our users can also choose to be part of our Whatsapp Group Chat.  Nuesoft manage the group, but it is the users who participate in it.  The purpose of the group is for them to make contact with each other, and to ask questions around Capital, to see how other organisations have dealt with particular scenarios, or to ask advice. Participation in the group is optional.

We are very proud of the support that we provide to our users.  Since the inception of Nuesoft, customer satisfaction has always been a priority.  Our Helpdesk is available daily, via telephone or email, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and of resolution of any issues.  Nuesoft's ethos is to be there when you need us - meaning we are even happy to assist with queries out of hours when necessary, such as at year-end.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our users, going out of our way to meet them where possible, so that when they call the Helpdesk they can put a face to a name.  Quite apart from the quality of our product, we believe the support we provide is a major reason why our customer base continues to grow.